Pablo Hernandez Jr.

AKA "El Hombre"


Race: Human Male, Mexican heritage
O.C.C.: Mercenary Soldier, “Grunt” MOS
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 215 lbs.

Skills of Note: Expert Hand-to-Hand, Boxing, Pilot: Jetpack, W.P. Targeting.

Equipment of Note: His father’s silver-plated, pearl-handled .45 Obregon.

Appearance: The biggest fucking Mexican you’ve ever seen, Pablo sports a military crew cut, a handle-bar moustache, and a tattoo across his chest which reads “El Hombre” in a stylized font. He has the moustache and chest tattoo drawn onto his environmental body armour.


Pablo’s parents were members of a Pecos Empire-based travelling circus: his father, Pablo Sr., a mercenary and head of show security; his mother, Maria, a knife-throwing performer. Things went well until they performed for some wanted Pecos bandits. Coalition forces used the circus show as a cover to reach the criminals, and attacked their targets during a performance. The bandits scrambled to escape, and many innocent circus members were killed by indiscriminate Coalition fire. When the dust cleared, the damage and loss of life was too great for the circus to continue, and the survivors went their separate ways. The Hernandez family continued north-ward, through much-despised Coalition territory, in search of a place to start a family, and put down roots when he joined the Runnymede community. Pablo Jr. was born and raised there, inheriting his mother’s reflexes and his father’s gift for fighting, and grew up to join their militia.

Pablo Hernandez Jr.

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