“The Runnymede Sessions” was devised as a secondary plan of action for last-minute gaming cancellations.

All members of “The Sessions” are also a part of the Pathfinder campaign “The Scallywags of the Shackles”, which is GMed by MarkPydo. Following a continuous story arc, it’s important that all players be present for a “Scallywag” game. However, when real-world commitments trump your availability, there are occasions where one or more players are unable to make it to a scheduled gaming date. That’s where “The Sessions” comes into play.

When someone drops out, the remaining players can still meet up and geek out, in the context of “The Runnymede Sessions.” They are open-ended, one-shot adventures in a high-tech combat scenario where players defend the Township of Runnymede as members of it’s well-trained militia. These sessions will be set on Rifts Earth as I am more familiar with Palladium Books’ “Megaversal System” and the Rifts milieu; The “Scallywags” players will be trading swords for rail guns in order to get their RPG fix.

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