The History of Runnymede

The Township of Runnymede began soon after the Coming of the Rifts when two groups joined forces to ensure their survival.

The first group were the new recruits of Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. The U.S. Military was fully mobilized when the alien hordes flooded onto Earth, but new recruits were deemed a liability. The rookies, safe behind their bunkers, watched and listened intently as television and radio stations broadcast bizarre, unbelievable reports, until they were eventually overcome by the horrors they witnessed and vanished from the airwaves. Military signals lasted longest, but they, too, went silent. All reports indicated the threats were concentrated to the south, and were headed their way. Sergeant Luc Runnymede, a Wisconsin native with a history of insubordination, was left behind and in charge of the recruits, and rallied them out of the Fort northward to a place he spent his summers with his family: The Menominee Reservation Camp Grounds.

The second group are the Native Americans of the Menominee Tribe, who foresaw the Coming of the Rifts. Months prior to the eruption of the Ley Lines, their spiritual ceremonies took on new life as the community elders began having prophetic visions of the events to come. They warned of all manner of threats emerging from other worlds; of the sudden manifestation of supernatural abilities amongst their peers; of the downfall of civilization and their role in it; of the Fort McCoy recruits, and their need of salvation. As the recruits’ numbers dwindled as they fought their way north, the Tribe came to their aid, launching arrows, bullets, and fireballs at the enemy encroachment.

United, the high-technological military force and newly-empowered mystics sought out other communities in need of assistance, and, using magical and conventional means, constructed a vast, underground complex beneath the site of the camp grounds to house the survivors. It was named after Sergeant Runnymede posthumously, as he was fatally wounded in the battle that united them.

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The History of Runnymede

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